Art & Technology twisted to meet my brain damaged standards.
Hustle + Struggle + Expression + Survival = What I do
What I Create + Like = Who I am.
What I do + Who I am = What I am
What are you?

This collection of photo’s are things I liked so took pic’s of. Some of the things I made to sell & got many compliments. Many haters criticized my work so most of the photo’s have never been shared.

Tired of hording them I finally decided to start cataloging & sharing.

 If you see something I made that makes you ask “Why did (or didn’t) he do it this (or that) way?” This is called inspiration. Seize it & make your version your way or buy mine & change it to what ever you think best. Many said they liked my work,(Thanx)  but nobody wants to pay for it.  

It is what it is.

It’s all good. Hope you enjoy


P S,

Brain damage

All my life I never fit in.
A one man team attempting to win.
Wondering aimlessly with a blank grin.
Keep ducking life’s punches but some always get in.
Once reaped rewards from profitable sin.
A silent war raged within a hart turned to tin.
So called friends pretend well while plotting your fall.
They claim to support you while hiding a stench.
Standing tall in the front, in the back riding the fence.
Running away quickly when you take one to the chin.
Behind you cheering to each other “another jab got in!”
But when they need help & fall to the floor.
Like a fool dropping everything to assist them once more,
but knowing full well what I have in store.
Nowhere to be found in my time of need are they.
Quick to turn tail & run without a word to say.
Avoid one sided obligatory friendships I say true.
The most important person on your team is you.


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